May 29, 2015

2008 was a year full of life changes for me!  For the first time in my life, I was branching out on my own in terms of purchasing a home by myself and began this quest with Angela.  While I had the initial vision of myself in a Bootlegger’s Cove condo paradise with a view, Angela carefully and deftly guided me through the process of realizing this was not going to happen! (While keeping an optimistic outlook that I would find something perfect for me!)

Lo and behold, I ended up in the Forest Park area of Anchorage in a condo that simply could NOT be more perfect!  I look forward to being home, I love my neighbors, and I am so very content and peaceful in the quiet, forested area where my condo lies.

A realtor is so much more than a sales person; if he/she is a good one, they become an even more trusted and valued friend, like Angela.

Sincerely, Bev Bergt

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